Yin and Yang of life

Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept in Oriental Medicine. The concept is very important in understanding the principles of the Medicine. This concept is very useful in understanding the causes of the diseases and is equally useful in guiding the approach to treat variety of diseases.

Beneath this Yin-Yang concept is the recognition that the living organisms exist in an constant changing equilibrium, or using a modern term,  biostatic equilibrium. For any dynamic equilibrium to exist, two opposing forces must exist. A living biological system is definitely under dynamic equilibrium system.

There are countless examples to illustrate such phenomena. Just few examples:  the sympathetic- parasympathetic nerve system, the contracting and relaxing of the muscular system, the clotting and un-clotting system of our blood.  Any one side of such opposing entities become weakened or dominating, the equilibrium will be broken and the disorder ensure.

This concept is the most important concept that guides the Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. It belies the pathological, physiological as well as the therapeutic methodology. The goal of therapeutic exercise, be it herbology,  acupuncture or Tui-Na( so called acupressure) is to achieve the well balanced status of Yin and Yang.


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