The truth about osteoarthritis

19 04 2016

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Osteoarthritis,  is an inflammation of joint, that much everybody agrees. Some would add a label  “degenerative disease”. That is not a proper label,  because with right treatment, degeneration can be reversed and thus is not degenerative.

Forget about what you ever learned if you want to get better. If you can learn the truth about osteoarthritis from books or medias, you would not have the problem by now. Would you?

The truth, arthritis is the result of deficiency of blood nourishing the joints. Resolving this problem and the joint will be healthy.

Therefore, people with high risk or arthritis include, most elderly, people who live in cold climates no heating, people with existing joint pain, people with low blood pressure and /or slow pulse rate who do not have vigorous daily physical activities.

Anti-inflammatory medicine may reduce the pain. It does not  address the blood supply issue.  As the result ,  it potentially accelerates “degeneration”. That is not a good thing.


Cold food and your health

4 07 2012

In the Far East, children are raised to avoid eating or drinking cold stuff. As kids grow up and spend more and more time watching television﹐t hey are exposed to a different value system in which “cool” is good, and icy cold is exciting. They begin to question the validity of the tradition.  After all, ice cream tastes so good and  icy drink tastes so satisfying. What can possibly be wrong?

Many things happen when our body is exposed to cold: blood flow slows down, muscles contract. Therefore, if we ingest a large amount of cold food, our intestine motility slows which increases the absorption of foods. This tends to increase body weight. What is more problematic is the coldness descends down to the lower place which is the low abdominal area and causing dysfunctions of ovaries and uterus of females. Increasing more chance for dysfunction of reproductive organs. One such disorder is the painful menstruation. I often have to advice female patient who suffers from dysmenorrhea to put heating pad during menses and in between.

We are not saying cold stuff can not be used at all. Knowing the consequences, for most people, moderation is the rule of the thumb. Many people have problems with pimples, especially young people. It is too hot inside, spicy food would not be appropriate. Too cold food is not appropriate either. It is a delicate balance act.