17 04 2016

She is beautiful, tall, fit. 13 tour of duty to Afghanistan embedded in the marine units as a war reporter for a news paper.  To me, her bravery is way beyond my imagination. Her world started to crumble after leaving the war zone as our country ended the combat mission.

She lies on the acupuncture table, her quiet therapy dog curdled on her belly. Her tears steaming down her eyes.Everyday she feels more withdrawn from people. Images of people blown apart by bombs, artillery shells, IED and the scattered human remains surfaced without warning.

She can’t bear to the thought of three marines which she did an interview with. They were  all killed in a mission the next day. Her voice recordings of the interview are the last  image for the families of  those three heroes.

I inserted a few needles on her arm, head, ears. I asked a few questions. I let her rest for 40 minutes.

At the end of treatment, her facial brighten quite a bit. She cant’t believe that she actually felt lighter, wondered about what was in those needles.

The journey ahead is a long road for her. But she will make it. I read her published writings as reporter on the military. They are factual, thorough, reveling. They raises concerns, issues, saving lives. Her duty is not finished. Yet.



Post note:

Just finished her 18 acupuncture treatments. The remarkable thing is that she is well and healthy. Back to the original vibrant self. Full of plan for the future.

I can’t take the full credit for her recovery because there are psychologist and medical doctor working together to make her well again.


Calories , alkaline foods- what matters

4 07 2012

We are what we eat. This much I agree.

But what do we actually get from eating? This is a big question. Nowadays, every box of food packages tells you how much calories contains. It makes people feels they know everything about it. The truth is far from that simple . The actual calories you get with this box depends on your body system. Provided that you have good digestive and absorptive guts, that is the maximum amount of calories you are going to get. There are individuals who eat lots of food but gains little weight.

As for the implication of eating acidity and alkalinity of food, the science is not murky. Most of thees claims on the Web is not supported by biochemistry and is not reliable. However there is one thing certain, each time we exhale, we eliminate carbon dioxide, a weak acid. Theoretically, we make our body more alkaline. Therefore, breathing deep is scientifically the best way of getting body more”alkaline”.

But wait, there is kidney. Kidney is the other body organ that regulate acidity of blood. Because of it,  the blood pH is always kept at 7.4 which is very important.  The acidity of urine output varies all over the place because kidney excretes more acid urine if the blood becomes acidified. It will excrete alkaline urine if blood is too alkaline.

A side note, a new study just released found that people who are on H inhibitor type of medicine, i.e. omeprazole based drugs for acid reflex problems, having significantly higher kidney failure or kidney cancer. The mechanism of the relationship  is complex but it is apparent that kidney has to work harder in these patients.

Refer: kidney failure

Cold food and your health

4 07 2012

In the Far East, children are raised to avoid eating or drinking cold stuff. As kids grow up and spend more and more time watching television﹐t hey are exposed to a different value system in which “cool” is good, and icy cold is exciting. They begin to question the validity of the tradition.  After all, ice cream tastes so good and  icy drink tastes so satisfying. What can possibly be wrong?

Many things happen when our body is exposed to cold: blood flow slows down, muscles contract. Therefore, if we ingest a large amount of cold food, our intestine motility slows which increases the absorption of foods. This tends to increase body weight. What is more problematic is the coldness descends down to the lower place which is the low abdominal area and causing dysfunctions of ovaries and uterus of females. Increasing more chance for dysfunction of reproductive organs. One such disorder is the painful menstruation. I often have to advice female patient who suffers from dysmenorrhea to put heating pad during menses and in between.

We are not saying cold stuff can not be used at all. Knowing the consequences, for most people, moderation is the rule of the thumb. Many people have problems with pimples, especially young people. It is too hot inside, spicy food would not be appropriate. Too cold food is not appropriate either. It is a delicate balance act.

Automobile Accidents

4 07 2010

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Here, our life depends on automobiles of all kinds.  With it, lots people are injured severely. It is not easy to find people who have not been involved in auto accident, even with the most careful driver.  The injury can be slight. But most often, significant injury occur to the victims, most frequently, the neck .

One peculiar thing about such injury is that the victim might only feel slight discomfort initially. However, the discomfort start to grow days latter.

Most common, these people will be radiographed for integrity of cervical spines followed with a length of time of physical therapy. Some would get chiropractic adjustment. More and more now are heading to acupuncturists.

After the initial flurry of treatments, the care stopped. The pain turn into chronic problems that last for many years, even 10-20 years. Many problems, like headache, low back pain that are related to neck injury become another health issues to be dealt with.  Most people are not aware that these later health issues are related to the un-resolved accidents. People with health issues should always ask themselves whether they have history of auto accidents and make their doctors aware of it.

The injury due to automobile accident involves three components, emotional, neck and depends on the manner of the accidents, other parts of body injury. Without attending to all three, the results would not be optimal.