17 04 2016

She is beautiful, tall, fit. 13 tour of duty to Afghanistan embedded in the marine units as a war reporter for a news paper.  To me, her bravery is way beyond my imagination. Her world started to crumble after leaving the war zone as our country ended the combat mission.

She lies on the acupuncture table, her quiet therapy dog curdled on her belly. Her tears steaming down her eyes.Everyday she feels more withdrawn from people. Images of people blown apart by bombs, artillery shells, IED and the scattered human remains surfaced without warning.

She can’t bear to the thought of three marines which she did an interview with. They were  all killed in a mission the next day. Her voice recordings of the interview are the last  image for the families of  those three heroes.

I inserted a few needles on her arm, head, ears. I asked a few questions. I let her rest for 40 minutes.

At the end of treatment, her facial brighten quite a bit. She cant’t believe that she actually felt lighter, wondered about what was in those needles.

The journey ahead is a long road for her. But she will make it. I read her published writings as reporter on the military. They are factual, thorough, reveling. They raises concerns, issues, saving lives. Her duty is not finished. Yet.



Post note:

Just finished her 18 acupuncture treatments. The remarkable thing is that she is well and healthy. Back to the original vibrant self. Full of plan for the future.

I can’t take the full credit for her recovery because there are psychologist and medical doctor working together to make her well again.




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