Neck tension and Migrain headache

16 04 2016

Migraine headache is such a dreadful event. The current medicinal  treatment  has a fundamental fault which makes the patients unable to shake the problem.


neck tension

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The root cause of migraine is the insufficient blood supply to the head. In response, the area blood capillaries become enlarged to facilitate the blood flow. The enlargement of capillaries irritate the surrounding pain sensors and the area become so painful and touchy.

The standard medical treatment for this problem is to constrict the capillaries to relief the pain. On paper, it makes sense. However, it does not take away the problem, namely, the blood supply to the area. Naturally, as soon as the effect of medicine wears off, bingo, pain comes right back. In addition, since the root problem is head blood is insufficient, migraine patients always feel having foggy mind with or without the medication.

The culprit: excessive tension at the neck. all of the migraine patients have neck tension either persistent or episodical.

Acupuncture treatment which aims at reducing the neck tension , offers an instant result for the pain relieve.

Most amazingly, patients will feel a clearer mind which only the sufferers can tell you truly what it felt like.

Unfortunately, there are acupuncturist who do not treat the root cause and therefore could not be very successful. (  Refer to the section in my website: dr. Wang in Action at www.




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