Calories , alkaline foods- what matters

4 07 2012

We are what we eat. This much I agree.

But what do we actually get from eating? This is a big question. Nowadays, every box of food packages tells you how much calories contains. It makes people feels they know everything about it. The truth is far from that simple . The actual calories you get with this box depends on your body system. Provided that you have good digestive and absorptive guts, that is the maximum amount of calories you are going to get. There are individuals who eat lots of food but gains little weight.

As for the implication of eating acidity and alkalinity of food, the science is not murky. Most of thees claims on the Web is not supported by biochemistry and is not reliable. However there is one thing certain, each time we exhale, we eliminate carbon dioxide, a weak acid. Theoretically, we make our body more alkaline. Therefore, breathing deep is scientifically the best way of getting body more”alkaline”.

But wait, there is kidney. Kidney is the other body organ that regulate acidity of blood. Because of it,  the blood pH is always kept at 7.4 which is very important.  The acidity of urine output varies all over the place because kidney excretes more acid urine if the blood becomes acidified. It will excrete alkaline urine if blood is too alkaline.

A side note, a new study just released found that people who are on H inhibitor type of medicine, i.e. omeprazole based drugs for acid reflex problems, having significantly higher kidney failure or kidney cancer. The mechanism of the relationship  is complex but it is apparent that kidney has to work harder in these patients.

Refer: kidney failure




4 responses

5 02 2007

那 可以問一下白痴問題嗎
我看一些網路資訊 說是有些東西會造成胃酸過多
像蕃茄 甜食 柑橘類 我以為那就是酸性的東西

7 02 2007


請 參 考 ‘TOO MUCH ACID” 。

蕃茄 甜食 柑橘類 是酸性的東西。

13 07 2014

“breathing deep” is scientifically the best way of getting body more”alkaline”.
深呼吸? 這我沒想過,靜坐的作用莫非在此?似乎有道理喔。

8 04 2016

Personally, I just dont git. how couple most people not understand all of this? Anyway. My 2pennies : ) Click

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