Joy of teaching

4 07 2012

Teaching is an interesting undertaking. Especially when the student group click.  It seems each class has its own character. Sometimes it is very enjoyable. Sometimes, it is kind of stuffy. Since I don’t think my teaching style varies much from class to class. I can only attribute such variation to the Qi of students.Some good Qi and some tough Qi.

These pictures were from one of the school clinic shift that I taught. We have a lots fun during this shift. It was the first time these students attended clinic rotation. It was interesting that in the 15 weeks period, three students suffered sport related injuries, which gave me opportunity to show them how to treat these conditions. Such situations were the best opportunity to learn.

These pictures were taken by one of the student , Ms. Georgia Good. Thanks, Georgia, for making me looks younger. -2009

Note: All of these students graduated in May of 2012. I attended the commencement. Georgia is bilingual and will be practicing in south  side of San Diago. Lori will be practicing in Escondido.

Good work and Good luck for all of you.- updated on July 4 th 2012




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