Amazing acupuncture protocol for neck and shoulder problems

7 07 2010

It surprise me to see how many people suffer from the neck and shoulder problems. In my own practice or in the school clinic  where I teach, more common than not, the patients invariably have neck and shoulder problems. These includes auto accidents injury, stress, computer uses(which is like every body), migraine patients, elderly, sports injury. Not to mention patients who suffer from fibromyalgia or patients who just under the cold spell.

Acupuncture is amazingly effective in treating such problems. You can literally watch the pain disappear and the range of motion improves. This is no surprise. We know that the most authoritative text of Traditional Chinese Medicine is Yellow Emperor Cannon( Huang Di Internal Classic, published in about 100 B.C.) . It consists two volumes, one called Su Wen, or Essential questions , the other is called Ling Shu.  Ling Shu literally means magical pivot. This volume is about acupuncture. It implied that acupuncture therapy is like looking for the magical pivot point to rid body of illness. With right choice the effect is instantaneous.

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Automobile Accidents

4 07 2010

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Here, our life depends on automobiles of all kinds.  With it, lots people are injured severely. It is not easy to find people who have not been involved in auto accident, even with the most careful driver.  The injury can be slight. But most often, significant injury occur to the victims, most frequently, the neck .

One peculiar thing about such injury is that the victim might only feel slight discomfort initially. However, the discomfort start to grow days latter.

Most common, these people will be radiographed for integrity of cervical spines followed with a length of time of physical therapy. Some would get chiropractic adjustment. More and more now are heading to acupuncturists.

After the initial flurry of treatments, the care stopped. The pain turn into chronic problems that last for many years, even 10-20 years. Many problems, like headache, low back pain that are related to neck injury become another health issues to be dealt with.  Most people are not aware that these later health issues are related to the un-resolved accidents. People with health issues should always ask themselves whether they have history of auto accidents and make their doctors aware of it.

The injury due to automobile accident involves three components, emotional, neck and depends on the manner of the accidents, other parts of body injury. Without attending to all three, the results would not be optimal.