Allergy and health problems 1

15 12 2008

Allergy is a very pervasive health problem.  The severity of symptoms could vary from minor discomfort to life threatening. People with the later problem would always carry cortisone shot just in case of the emergency.

Bio-medically, the focus is on the protein molecules( so called allergen) that are capable of provoking the histamine reaction. This is unfortunate, because  it blind-sided the instigators focus, leading to a narrow chase, so called allergic test. The results tend to be not too useful. The person may be told that he or she is allergic to certain items when in fact, in site of all the precaution, the allergic reactions continue or the list is so long that it is difficult to live in the ordinary environment.

In truth, the situation is more complicated. The proteinous allergen is only a small fraction of the possibilities that cause allergy sufferer’s misery. One often been neglected factor is  the change in environment a person is under. That is enough to cause allergic reaction to certain people. These change include the wind, the heat, the coldness, even the warm damp air. These factors are been called external pathogens in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. They were attributed the reason people got sick in the old times. Unfortunately, the advance of modern science leads people to think on the germs as the culprit. Have you heard of people who have a rash in the hot shower or have a rash after swimming, after wearing wet suit, inflammation at the knuckles in the cold weather.  Yes, they all exist. The list goes on and on. One thing is clear, such environmental factors that provoke such reactions varies from one individual to another. Furthermore, it also depends greatly on the individual body condition at a given time.

To make it more complicated, the non-environmental factor such as stress in the emotion can create allergic response in may people. Case in point, people who is the sufferers of Psoriasis can tell you, their condition worsen so dramatically when in emotional stress.

Without recognizing these factors- environmental as well as the emotional stresses, we would be at a lost in spite of all the newest discovery in the modern bio-science. We would be confronting with ever-increasing list of so-called auto-immune diseases with no cure in sight.  We will be misguided in devising the treatment strategy.  It is not surprising that majority of the approach in modern medicine in this regard is to suppress the immune system. Which not only works for a short period of time at the risk of decreasing body’s defense.

On the contrary, if a person is to pay close attention to the sign the body is sending to us with regard to the environmental factors as well as keep our emotional stress in check, we would decrease these suffering significantly. such approach is in line with the Yin-Yang balance concept in the Traditional Chines Medicine.