Allergy and headache

16 05 2007

Allergy is a very pervasive health problem. To a sufferer, the severity of symptoms could vary from minor discomfort to life threatening. People with the later problem would always carry emergency syringes just in case.

Two factors are involved for creating such problems: the unchecked body immune system and the provoking environmental factors. The environmental factors that provoke such problem varies from one individual to another, although there are a few items that are common to many people . These include cat’s saliva protein, peanut skin protein, shell fish and many others. They also include pollens from plants.

One aspect of environmental factor that is often been overlooked is simply the environment: the wind, the heat, the coldness, the warm damp air even food item,  the emotional stress. Most allergy sufferers got into trouble unnecessarily because they do not pay attention to such environmental factors. They are not properly educated about the risks.

What kind of symptoms are there? It varies: stuffy nose, swollen eyes, headache, rash, wheezing, asthma attack, fever, difficult breathing. Indeed, it makes the people so miserable. Underlying these symptoms is our body’s attempt to fend of the perceived external invaders- increase the body temperature to kill germs, increase mucous  secretion to wash and neutralize the invading toxins, increase the blood circulation through the heart rate and the vascular sizes( which causes severe headache) to mobilize the body function. All of these body responses makes a person miserable. It is simply a bodily mistake.

In traditional Chinese medicine, because of it sudden nature and feverish symptom as well as the close relationship with environmental issue, it is called Wind Heat attacking the body. The treatment  is therefore to clear the Heat modulating the unruly immune response and rid of Wind, the environmental factor. If there is too much of the secretion, it is called dampness in the body and should be treated for such as well. These objectives can be achieved through acupuncture as well as through the herbal formula. Either one is very effective.