Too much acid in the stomach?

6 02 2007

About Acid reflex(胃 液還 流 )

Many American are having a condition called Acid Reflex. The stomach acid bubbles up into the esophagus(食 道 ) and causes a burning sensation- so called heart burn. Oriental people seemed to suffer less of such condition. Excessive acid produced in the stomach is suspected.

In truth, the acid production is not to blame. The real culprit is the inability of the stomach to empty its content into the intestines腸 . This can happen when the pyloric sphincter 幽 門 is misbehaving. Or, things in the intestinal area are not moving down.

Often the problem is the result of stress in life or a chronic pain in the abdominal area. So, learn to reduce the stress, keep the bowel movement regular. Regular massaging the area is most helpful, warm treatment is good, avoid staying on sitting position for prolonged time.

Acu-Moxa therapy(灸 )﹐ herbal treatment 草藥  are all effective as well. The acupu point He Gu (合 谷) is the best point to help such condition-(massage or acupuncture.)